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If it's not too much trouble browse your request affirmation email. On the off chance that the conveyance address is fragmented or mistaken, the client is liable for quickly informing our client assistance to address it. In the event that the issue isn't advised in time and the request is handling or it is dispatched, the request must be come back to the sender for it to be returned or discounted (conveyance costs will be applied ). 

In the event that a non-damaged item (s) is returned and should be come back to you, we maintain whatever authority is needed to charge dispatching costs dependent on the weight and size of the item (s) and afterward they are not founded on our Standard conveyance at fixed cost saved for new requests.


Any divergence between the things got and the things requested must be asserted inside 5 working long periods of conveyance. If it's not too much trouble email our client care with photographs of the things got and the transportation name. It might be required to return items got in mistake.

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